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Core Dental Studio

Established in 2015 as an accredited milling center, Core Dental Studio proudly boasts a highly adept team and an array of cutting-edge in-house equipment, encompassing a milling machine, advanced CAM software, a Scanner, and a 3D printer. This commitment ensures that our clients consistently encounter the epitome of excellence in both products and services.

Leading Digital Solutions

Core Dental Studio offers precision-driven digital dental solutions, leading the advancement of laboratories with innovative technology.

Skilled Professionals, Superior Products

Established in 2015, our adept team crafts superior products meticulously, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty.

Comprehensive Services

From Zirconia crowns to dental implants, Core Dental Studio provides a wide range of premium alternatives to meet diverse needs.

Commitment to Excellence

Guided by forward-thinking strategies, we invest in dental implant research, ensuring top-quality products and continuous innovation

WHY Core Dental Studio?


ASC Solution.jpeg

Specialize in fabricating custom dental implants

Up to 25°adjustable Custom abutment solution

Try our Custom Location and Custom Multi Unit Abutment


"Core Dental Studio's CAD/CAM expertise is unparalleled. Their precision in utilizing advanced technology ensures that each restoration is meticulously crafted for optimal fit and function. I trust Core Dental Studio to deliver top-notch results every time."

Emily Park

"What sets Core Dental Studio apart is their exceptional care and responsiveness. Beyond their digital expertise, their team demonstrates kindness and dedication at every step. With Core Dental Studio, my patients receive caring and capable hands."

Ethan Nguyen

"Core Dental Studio's dedication to patient satisfaction is remarkable. Beyond their impressive digital capabilities, their unwavering commitment to ensuring each patient's comfort and confidence leaves a lasting impression. With Core Dental Studio, compassionate care is guaranteed."

Ava Patel

Contact Us

Core Dental Studio

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries, appointments, or questions. We are always ready to assist you. Thank you.

7372 Walnut Ave Suite X
Buena Park, CA, 90620


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